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Free AI Masterclass | 3 prompts for a more inclusive workplace

Join for free the second WeSchool AI Masterclass: a reverse engineering challenge to explore the new facets of DEI in the AI-powered workplace.

A question for all the HR professionals out there: have you ever tried to use tools like ChatGPT to write training content, onboarding materials, or job descriptions


If you tried, you might already know that AI can speed up HR tasks by up to 10X. But do we know how we can use AI to make sure we’re building a more inclusive workplace?


Well, we can’t if we don’t know how to (proper) prompting. But don’t worry, the WeSchool Education team just got you covered: join our second AI Masterclass, a reverse engineering challenge with L&D Strategist and Inclusivity expert, Heidy Kirby.


What you will learn (hands-on!)

In this 45-minute masterclass with Heidy Kirby and Miriam Mourad, you will learn how to

  • Write prompts for inclusive learning and HR resources;
  • Craft onboarding materials for an ESL audience;
  • Publish job descriptions for diverse types of intelligence and talent.
What we'll be talking about

How will AI affect DEI in the workplace? What human biases does AI replicate? How can we prompt AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney to create inclusive content?


From standard company training to inclusive hiring: in this 45-minute AI Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to explore 3 use cases of HR inclusive prompting and receive 3 ready-made templates for daily use.


Register for free now or ask for the recording!

In talent management, AI systems can monitor workplace interactions and feedback, pinpointing potential areas of bias or discrimination, and providing leaders with insights for creating a more inclusive environment.
Jia Rizvi, Forbes Contributor
How to participate

Register for free by filling out the form above or emailing us at [email protected] to learn more and book a call with a WeSchool learning expert.

Our inclusivity experts
Heidi Kirby

L&D Strategist

Miriam Mourad

L&D Consultant


What is an AI Masterclass?

AI Masterclasses are free open online lessons included in Teaching Humans, the #1 course to design AI-powered learning paths that speak human. You can always sign up for the course and join the conversation on the dedicated WeSchool Learning Community.


The course is made up of 4 modules, including 3 live lessons with industry experts: Nicole Papaioannou Lugara, L&D Strategist; Heidi Kirby, L&D Consultant; Lavinia Mehedintu, Learning Architect.

What is Teaching Humans?

Teaching Humans is the #1 course to design AI-powered learning paths that speak human. The course is 100% free and accessible to anyone who wants to join.


Feel free to reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

I can not participate to the live session. Can I get the AI Masterclass recording?

Sure, just fill out the registration form above and select the recording option. You can also access the Teaching Humans community. Can’t wait to get in touch!


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