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Introducing WeSchool’s latest feature: Spaces

A better way to manage and engage Learning Communities

At WeSchool, we’re on a mission to help you teach, train, manage and engage learners with ease. That’s the power of pairing an intuitive platform with innovative teaching methods and community learning. 


Over the last months, we’ve worked hard to introduce an exciting product update to help you organize and manage your Learning Communities, encourage all WeSchool users to make the most out of our features and gain visibility over user behavior. 


As of the 15th of May 2023 all WeSchool subscribers will migrate to our new Spaces, with any new users jumping straight into this smoother version of WeSchool.


If you’d like to get a sneak peek of Spaces, watch our short Product Tour Webinar below.


Let’s dive in!  

Organize Groups in a single Space

Forget having scattered Groups for different organizations and institutions. With the new Spaces, administrators and instructors can organize Groups in a single Space. How is it better?

Group ownership is instantly recognizable and easier for users to find their Groups. Users can also access and jump between Learning Communities in just a few clicks.

Welcome WeSchool’s home section

WeSchool’s new home section displays all your Groups in a single screen, which can be filtered by instructor or learner. This makes for a faster and smoother experience.  


This feature works particularly well for trainers who want to filter between their own Learning Communities and the ones they use to develop their own skill set.

Engage users with a simpler navigation

The new multifunctional sidebar lets users move fast through Groups and different Spaces. It also displays Group notifications and new Chat messages, making it easier to respond and reach out to other users.  

  • View unread notifications directly from the sidebar 
  • Move fast between Groups and Spaces 
  • Start conversations via the Chat displayed on the sidebar

How to make the most of Spaces

We understand changing how we do things requires adapting how you use the platform. But we promise you – it’s for the better. For you to make the most of your Space(s), we’ve created dedicated Tutorials


Don’t worry, all these new additions are being introduced to remove friction and improve your user experience. 

We’re already working on our next updates

That’s a wrap on WeSchool’s new Spaces feature and all the ways they’ll help your organization better manage and engage Learning Communities. While you enjoy the new Spaces, we are already working on our next set of updates.


Keep your eyes peeled for the introduction of improved social features like emojis, reactions and mention, as well Microsoft SSO integration in the coming months … You can subscribe to our Newsletter to receive information on updates and what they can bring to you. In the meantime, enjoy your new Spaces! 


Not yet a WeSchool user and would like to see our new Spaces in action? Get started by requesting a free demo or register for free for a 15-day trial period (p.s. Our new onboarding process is super slick).

Still have some doubts on Spaces?

I am a WeSchool user, will the new Spaces affect my Groups?

No, all your current Groups and materials will remain, they will simply be displayed differently on the platform. This means all Groups content, comments and conversations will remain as they are.

Am I still eligible for a free plan? 

Yes, if you’re a K-12 School or University, you are eligible for a free plan. WeSchool is committed to enabling future-proof learning globally, so this will continue to be part of our company policy

Will the new Spaces impact my existing contract? 

No, the new Spaces only simplifies the way information is displayed on the platform. Your new Space will offer the same features and be automatically assigned to your existing license operating under your organization.

Will WeSchool’s Global Homepage make my course public? 

No, the WeSchool Global Homepage is designed to only feature the Groups the logged-in user has access to. Instructors will have visibility of all the Learning Communities they have created or been invited to. Learners will only be able to see the Groups they’ve been invited to. 


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