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Free course | Teaching Humans

Learn to create AI-powered courses that speak human

Join the #1 program that empowers anyone to design human-centric training paths challenging the latest AI tools out there.

Discover new AI strategies from L&D leaders

Social learning, inclusive learning design, impact measurement: in Teaching Humans, you will get access to the latest AI-powered skill development trends – directly from 4 L&D superheroes.

Master the art of (inclusive) prompting

In 2024, the “average learner” doesn’t exist anymore. In as little as 12 weeks, at the end of this course you’ll know how to craft AI-powered training courses that truly connect with every person in your team.

The Teaching Humans 12-week framework

Module 0 - From 0 to 1

Learn all the prompts and tips you need for a ChatGPT-generated syllabus that doesn’t sound artificial.

Module 1 - Social Learning

Learn up-to-date social learning techniques that work (also) in the age of AI, from the founder of “The Social Learning Club”

Module 2 - Inclusive Design

Learn how to design for learners that actually exist in 2024: master AI to make your content more accessible in minutes.

Module 3 - Impact Evaluation

Learn how to measure the impact of L&D in any organization and discover how AI can become your #1 go-to data analysis consultant.

Hack around with Ross

Learn how to use AI tools with step-by-step demos for all the use cases you need: from community management to data analysis, from team training to sales enablement.

Nicole P. Lugara

Learning Strategist

Ross Stevenson

Chief Learning Officer

Heidi Kirby

L&D Consultant

Lavinia Mehedintu

Learning Architect

Miriam Mourad

L&D Consultant


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