5G Smart School

Digital skills
Use innovative teaching methodologies in the classroom

Digital tools and participatory methodologies for learning of the future


Can digital tools be an engine of educational innovation? In short, yes, but not by themselves. With the first edition of the 5G Smart School project, we brought our recipe for a smart school for 4 Italian schools: 420 computers, fast 5G connection and innovative teaching methodologies. 


From art galleries to virtual tours: learners and instructors used digital to tackle subjects and topics in an active and participatory way. This year, the immersion continues with a focus on the STEM world, thanks to workshops and interactive quizzes on the themes of Agenda 2030.

3 ingredients of 5G Smart School



Digital tools

Thanks to contributions from Qualcomm, Acer and TIM, the 5G Smart School project brings more effective learning experiences to learning spaces, using the best technologies to make lessons inclusive and engaging for all. But it’s not just about computers and connectivity: our most latest edition brings virtual reality headsets to make activities even more immersive. 

Training for instructors

With role play, cooperative learning and challenge-based learning instructors can design Generation Z-proof lessons by delving into the most effective teaching methodologies. What’s more, within the online community instructors can engage with colleagues, downloading lesson plans and tutorials to create interactive lessons with CoSpaces Edu, Minecraft Education Edition and Google Earth.

Life skills for learners

Approaching block coding while studying art history or a geometry problem? With 5G Smart School’s project, students are not only deepening curricular knowledge, but also training cross-curricular skills, with challenges and projects involving schools from all over Italy. 

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