7th grade
11 hours
Certificate for students
20 hours of Citizenship Education
1. Digital Education
2. Gender gap in STEM education
3. Design Thinking
From Jan 2023 to May 2023
In partnership with
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What’s AWS GetIT?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) GetIT is the free educational project dedicated to 7th graders, designed to help them develop their digital skills, understand gender stereotypes, and become aware of the work opportunities of the technology world. Students will have to overcome a challenge: to build an app that has a positive impact on their school or community. What school is going to win the final prize?

Bring AWS GetIT in your school

The 2nd edition of this project is based and realized in Italy, thanks to the support of WeSchool.

How it works

Have you ever made a robot dance just by using your keyboard? Do you know how cloud technology works? Have you ever thought about the relationship between technology and the environment? AWS GetIt will make your students acquainted with the world of digital and tech – allowing them to develop new skills for their academic and professional future – with the help of interactive materials, simulation, and online games.

The project runs from January 2023 to May 2023. It is divided into 3 steps:

Engage and Inspire

Introductory activities and an online event hosted by an AWS ambassador: students will get acquainted with the syllabus and with the design thinking methodology, discovering how cloud computing technology belongs to our everyday life and exciting work opportunities in the digital field.

Learn and Play

Classrooms, divided into teams, start working on their own app idea to solve an existing problem in their school or community. Students learn through interactive games, simulations, and practical activities, with the help of their ambassadors.

Design and Present

Time to get ready for the final challenge! Each school competes with two app ideas: the 10 best proposals will enter into the final round and students will present their own work to a jury of experts.

The winners of AWS GetIt 2021/22

An app to prevent food waste at school? Yes, that’s right! It was designed by the students in the middle school ‘Minerbi’, in Mogliano Veneto – winner of the previous edition of AWS GetIt.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular cloud platform in the world and offers over 200 services. Millions of customers use AWS – from fast-growing start-ups to the biggest companies and government agencies – for several purposes: reducing costs, becoming more agile, and innovating fast. AWS is a company owned by

Is it compulsory to enter the contest?

No, you can download and use the syllabus without entering the contest.

Is the project valid for Citizenship Education?

Yes, the project is valid for 20 hours of Citizenship Education and focuses on Digital Education, one of the three pillars of the subject.

Who are the ambassadors and what is their role?

During the project, an ambassador will be assigned to each classroom. Ambassadors are Amazon employees or AWS customers and they will introduce the project to the students during their first online meeting. Ambassadors will also take part in two live meetings, helping the classrooms and participants present their ideas and make the most of this experience. Before meeting the classrooms, all ambassadors will be trained adequately to ensure they know how to best support and manage students.

Who can join?

AWS GetIt promotes inclusion and representation of all minorities and diversities: this is why all students can join the project. However, the participation of female students is especially encouraged in order to achieve an equal proportion of genders across teams.

What day and time are the lectures?

The two online meetings with the ambassadors will be scheduled together with the teachers and the classroom at the beginning of the project, on an availability basis. Lectures in the classroom can be managed independently by the teacher.

Will teachers and students get some help during the project?

Yes, WeSchool Tutors are always available to support you throughout the whole project with whatever – technical or teaching – issues you may have.

What benefits are there for students that complete the course AWS GetIt?

The project is designed to improve digital and soft skills, such as teamwork and problem solving. Thanks to the meetings with the AWS ambassadors, students will also better understand technologies, such as AI and cloud computing, and their impact on our everyday lives. Finally, students who complete the course will have the chance to take part in orientation and mentoring activities on the opportunities of the tech sector the following year – in the perspective of choosing the right high school.


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